Tell it like it is!

Hmmmm where do I start? Well I’m 26 and a single parent but not by choice. Her trash ass sperm donor decided he was going to live a double life… like who the hell does that at this age and time?!!! Might as well put it out there but I had to be with the […]

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Lord knows I have messed up again. ADVICE: If you are sending pics to anyone you have not slept with Presentation is key.No one buys something that does not look good on the outside. So I know I’m going to step on some toes here but if it doesn’t pertain to you jump your ass […]


Time is Money!!

You know what irks my nerves is when you put out long enough and than you decide to give up your ass just to have the man be rough as hell or last a minute at the most. Than they say you good like they did something!! Hell no I ain’t good! I’m tired of […]

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Double standards

Lord knows I hate it when a man thinks they can do whatever they want to without any remorse to what women think. If you get to sleep with whoever you want do you honestly think it’s fair that the woman sits back and waits for your trifling ass?! In what universe besides BK donyou […]

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Stronger than ever!!

If you are with someone and they do not want to be seen in public with you just know, you are not the only one! No matter how many years or how much time is invested they are playing you for a fool. Now a lot of people have been through that but if you […]

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Checked out

There are times where you are so caught up on someone else that you misplace yourself in the process. Hell there has been plenty of times that I’ve had to run across the lost and found and checked myself out from times and places where I truly lost myself. Sometimes it’s so easy to focus […]

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Online experience!!

I don’t even know why I took my black ass on this website online to meet new people. I mean I just wanted to meet people who could be friends. Well this guy who works with me hit me up and said he saw me in the gym a lot and I was cool when […]

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Yesterday’s Trash!

You know that moment how you always seem to move on with your new partner and that someone from the past pops back up in your life and you contemplate getting back with them? Don’t!!! Their miserable ass realized the person they chose over you isn’t as good as you and now they want you […]

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Almost Got Away

They say a woman’s intuition is never wrong and that’s exactly what led Jennifer and I together and that good ole social media. Jennifer started liking pics on my fb and you know how you get that gut instinct, the one you get that feels like someone dropped kicked yo ass well I surely felt […]

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